eCert! - Verify your site = Gain more customers & sales...

If you have a legitimate website business then you are losing customers & sales if you lack proof of how legitimate your business is!

Verify your business with eCert! and show our SAFETY SEALS on your website! Let people know that their visiting a safe-to-browse site and their purchase is guaranteed!

STEP 1: Submit your site for approval

STEP 2: We verify your site & business

STEP 3: By approval, you'll add our Safety Seals on your site and let visitors that you own a legitimate business + your website is safe to surf. That equals More Credibility = More Visitors = More Sales!


Here how our Safety Seals will look on your site (click on them for details):

(This Safety Seal will tell your visitors that your site has no Adware, Malware, Spyware, whether there is a privacy policy or adult content and whether you have terms of service for your visitors)

(This Safety Seal will tell your visitors that your business is a legitimate one and there is no scam hiding behind it. We also show E-commerce details & rating + we give valuable general consumer advice. Your business must have a valid Tax ID.)

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